Targeted Wage Subsidy

Assessment Time Frame: Maximum four (4) weeks.


  • To provide an employment opportunity for an unemployed eligible participant who requires assistance to overcome existing or anticipated labour market barriers. This opportunity may lead to continued employment with the sponsor, or a full-time employment opportunity
  • To provide a wage subsidy, employment related costs and related training dollars for an unemployed eligible participant
  • Sponsors will endeavor to hire participant upon project completion
  • Outcome is that the participant will have meaningful employment attachment at the end of the TWS

Eligible Employers:

  • Aboriginal Bands/Tribal Councils
  • Not-for-profit employers; (less than 100 employees)
  • For-profit employers; (less than 100 employees)

Eligible Participants:

  • Must be Aboriginal status/non-status, on/off reserve who resides within the SASET catchment area
  • Must be 18 years of age or older (not currently in school)
  • Long term unemployed (3 months or more)
  • No longer required by law to attend school
  • Participant may have marketable skills but lack work experience in area in which the work experience and/or training will occur
  • Not be receiving other Service Canada supports funding
  • All Service Canada Personal Information Forms (PIFS) and Client Consent Forms (CC’s) must be submitted prior to commencement of program

Activities, Duration, & Cost


  • Projects provide skills to assist the eligible participant in removing employment barriers
  • Activities should prepare eligible participants for gainful employment outcome
  • May be full-time or a minimum of 30 hours per week
  • On-the-job and/or off-the-job training are encouraged

Duration: Negotiable. Maximum 52 weeks

Eligible Costs: the following are eligible costs, subject to negotiations.

  • Not-For-Profit Participant wages: subject to job description and skill set
  •  For-Profit Employers: capped at minimal wage and applicable MERCS, with the employer topping up salary and MERCS to job value rate.
  • Mandatory Employment Related Costs (MERCs): Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Employment Insurance (EI), Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) rate, and 4% holiday pay on actual hours worked. SASET covers costs only for “actual” hours worked and does not pay sick leave, bereavement leave or overtime.
  • Training costs (includes training costs, textbooks, instructional material)
  • Special costs are negotiable for participants with disabilities
  • It is expected sponsor will provide top-up wages and their portion of the mandatory employment related costs (MERCs) and other costs not covered by TWS as part of the sponsor contribution

Approval and Application Process:

Approval Process:

• SASET Program Officer reviews proposal content and poses assessment questions to sponsor

• Projects under $30,000 are reviewed and approved internally at SASET

• Projects $30,000 and over are reviewed internally and then approved by SASET Advisory Committee at their next convened meeting

Application Process:

* It takes a maximum of four (4) weeks to assess a proposal.
* The following documents are required:

  • Cover letter
  • Completed and signed original TWS application
  • Band Council Resolution (BCR) or board motion decision sheet
  • Job title and detailed job description
  • Detailed training plan (include dates, time frames, number of hours, activities, and objectives)
  • Course outlines and locations for any off-site training of accredited training program

Sponsor/Partner Contribution:

  • Specify or outline Sponsor/Partner contributions