BladeRunnersTM is a highly successful provincial program that has received numerous awards and distinctions of recognition since its inception 16 years ago. It is an employment training model for at-risk-youth between 18 and 30 years old who have multiple barriers to employment. Participants receive job readiness skills, on-the-job training which is sometimes subsidized, and unparalleled support from their BladeRunners Coordinator(s) and peers.

BladeRunners Model

The purpose of the BladeRunners model is to maintain overall consistency, continuity, integrity and identity through a provincially standardized service delivery model that reflects the original intent and purpose of the program. However, at the same time, regional flexibility is valued as important and allowed for. In order to maintain the overall consistency, continuity and original intent, all delivery agents also agree to follow and abide by the BladeRunners Guidelines and Framework Agreement 2004, which was developed with the purpose of the model in mind.

A crucial component of the model is the on-going support provided by the BladeRunners Co-ordinators, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The support includes regular on-site monitoring and involvement that helps to create stability and assurance for both participants and employers. In addition, the BladeRunners Co-ordinators provide after-hours support to the participants to help them overcome personal problems and crises so that they do not interfere with the job.

During the training, participants learn life skills and job readiness skills, which helps them to build their self-esteem and confidence.They also get certified health and safety training. Through work-place training and integrations, the participants acquire marketable skills, which enhances their long-term employment prospects. This development of long-term attachment to the work-force, is also a unique component of the BladeRunners model – it is what sets it apart from other short-term programs that are focused on short-term results and not the individuals over a long period of time.

The final key component of the BladeRunners model is the multi-sectoral partnerships that are developed between the youth, community, employers, trades unions, post-secondary institutes, and various levels of government.


BladeRunners Mandate

To provide unemployed marginalized at-risk-youth with on-going support, job readiness skills, and work-place training so that they can overcome their barriers to employment and achieve long-term attachment to the workforce.

Program Objectives

  • To identify and recruit candidates aged 18 - 30 who have multiple barriers to employment.
  • To provide participants with job readiness skills, through a structured standardized training program, which prepares them for job-placement and on-the-job training.
  • To provide participants with local meaningful work experience, initially through subsidized on-the-job training (some employers choose to waive the subsidy), to enhance their long-term employment prospects.
  • To create on-going support for participants to ensure long-term attachment to the workforce, where possible laddering individuals into apprenticeship positions in the trades.
  • To identify, create, maintain and strengthen partnerships with key stakeholders such as: youth, community organizations, employers, trade unions, post-secondary institutions, and various levels of government.


BladeRunners has continued to grow at SASET under the competent hand of BladeRunners Coordinator Amber Smith. If you are interested in becoming a BladeRunner or employing a BladeRunner, please contact Amber Smith, BladeRunners Coordinator at 604-858-3691.


Stó:Lō Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training BladeRunners Surrey located at 10757 - 138th Street, Surrey. To find out more information about the next intake as a participant in the BladeRunners program in Surrey call Amber Smith, BladeRunners Coordinator at 778-395-0385 (office).

BladeRunners is jointly funded by Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development and Service Canada.