Essential Skills

The skills we need for learning, work and life.

We use these skills in the community and the workplace, in different ways and at different levels of complexity.

This site is a tool and resource for you to use whether you are a community member, an employer, a learner, or a practitioner, to assist you in integrating Essential Skills into your workplace or life. There are a number of different tools and supports here and we will be adding more all the time. Is there something specific you would like to see? Please let us know and we will work to provide it for you.


We chose ‘Working with Others’ as the theme of our website because PARTNERSHIP is a major theme for the new Aboriginal Skills Employment Training (ASET) Agreement. Partnerships are all about working with each other in a collaborative way; finding new ways to make projects meet everyone’s needs, most of all the clients.

Another definition of Working with Others is: interacting with family, friends, students and co-workers to accomplish tasks together. So, on the simplest level, Working with Others is being sociable, courteous and adaptable. It is avoiding trouble with fellow workers. It is following rules of simple etiquette and respect. Working with Others involves knowing yourself and understanding others.